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We are a team with over 9 years experience in multi-storey buildings and houses
Dedicated to give the best finish products
We are quick and efficient and we will leave the job with 100% customers satisfaction
We can beat any price with our affordable quotes without cutting any corners , taking you through the work that we going to commence on your property offering the best advice that is suitable for you in the long run
Services: we offer a wide range of services not just in lighting and power , we also have teams to service your security and cameras , to antenna work speakers and home theatre, we connect you to the best tradies in the game and level 2 electrical .

Our Story

Providing Electrical Services Since 2011

We simply can do your job from start to finish

  • Appliances installation
  • Maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • Temporary work
  • House renovations
  • Electrical for new houses
  • Adding lights and general power outlets
  • Security
  • Camera
  • Antenna
  • Mounting televisions
  • Testing
  • Tagging

Full Service, Quality
Electrical Services

Electrical Services is composed of three units: Electrical, Electronic Low Voltage, and High Voltage. The Electrical Unit maintains secondary voltage power distribution systems, performing such utility functions as: installation of new electrical circuits; maintenance and repair of building switchboards; repair of indoor and outdoor lighting systems; general troubleshooting and repair of electrical distribution systems. The Electronics and Low Voltage Unit installs and maintains permanent systems such as fire alarms, clocks, and bell systems. The High Voltage Unit operates and maintains extensive high voltage power distribution systems. This unit performs such functions as: Repair or replacement of underground or overhead distribution lines; Rerouting of power distribution to back-up circuits during emergencies.


When choosing a career in electrical work you’ll face a number of choices, including what kind of electrician you want to be. There are two main types of wireman electricians: residential and commercial. The big distinction is that residential electricians work in buildings that are residences, single-family homes and small apartment buildings.


commercial electrician is a trained and licensed electrician who focuses on wiring and electrical systems in commercial buildings rather than residential …