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Need An Electrician?

We are a team with over 9 years experience in multi-storey buildings and houses
Dedicated to give the best finish products
We are quick and efficient and we will leave the job with 100% customers satisfaction
We can beat any price with our affordable quotes without cutting any corners , taking you through the work that we going to commence on your property offering the best advice that is suitable for you in the long run
Services: we offer a wide range of services not just in lighting and power , we also have teams to service your security and cameras , to antenna work speakers and home theatre, we connect you to the best tradies in the game and level 2 electrical . We simply can do your job from start to finish

Appliances installation

  • Maintenance
  • Fault finding
  • Temporary work
  • House renovations
  • Electrical for new houses
  • Adding lights and general power outlets
  • Security
  • Camera
  • Antenna
  • Mounting televisions
  • Testing
  • Tagging